About me

Hola!, my name is Paulo Montero-Camacho. I am originally from Costa Rica. I received my PhD in Physics from The Ohio State University. I am now a postdoc (and Shui Mu scholar) at Tsinghua University. My work lies in the interception between theoretical and computational cosmology. Most of my work consists on exploring non-Standard probes of cosmology and astrophysics, i.e. exploring new exciting ideas and their ripples in our observations and theories by relaxing conventional wisdom in the standard cosmological model.

Current research interests (and PhD advisor)

My current research interests focus in cosmology, notably early universe and non-standard probes of cosmology. In particular, I am interested in 21 cm cosmology, CMB polarization, cosmic reionization, intensity mapping, primordial black holes, WFRIST, and instabilities in mergers of neutron stars. My advisor is Prof. Christopher Hirata, he is an active member of the Center for Cosmology and AstroParticle Physics. Recently, I have been working in CMB circular polarization, binary neutron star mergers, primordial black holes constraints, magnetic fields of exoplanets and the effects of reionization in the Lyman-alpha forest.

Brief educational bio

I went to the Scientific High School of Alajuela, this is where my interest in physics really grew thanks to my great teacher Pablo Blanco.

I did my undergraduate in physics at Universidad de Costa Rica. I graduated with honors and top of my class in 2013. My undergraduate research focused on General Relativity, principally the exploration of new approximate and exact solutions of Einstein’s field equations. I worked with Prof. Francisco Frutos and Prof. Javier Bonatti.

I obtained my Ph.D at The Ohio State University in 2019. While at OSU, I worked on Cosmic Microwave Background, neutron star mergers, Primordial Black Holes, Lyman-alpha forest, 21 cm cosmology, magnetic fields of exoplanets, and cosmic reionization.